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About GRW Co

About GRW Co

As practicing martial artists, we saw a glaring hole in quality and craftsmanship in combat sports apparel.

Practically all combat sports apparel brands are made in China, Pakistan and other countries where cheap labor and low quality materials are used to manufacture their products.

The printed sublimation inks would fade, the fabrics felt like the same material as umbrellas, their stretch fabrics would pill (ball up), the stitching would fall apart and worst of all, the designs were weird and wacky which didn't represent our respect for the art.

After only a few months, we would throw away our gear and buy all new stuff. This was a disappointment because it wasted our time searching for decent apparel, it was horrible for the environment because they're essentially fast fashion, it was bad for our pocket books because we spent so much money on garbage, and worst of all, our money was leaving our country instead of circulating within our community.

Since we couldn't find anything we liked, we decided to make it ourselves the way it should be made. Our philosophy was if you're going to beat up your clothes, they better be able to withstand it.

So we spent years on research & development, sourcing and designers to help develop our own line of ultra-high quality combat sports apparel engineered to look brand new even after years of abuse. Yes, the initial cost may be higher, but if you're getting 3-5x more use out of your gear, isn't it worth it?

We thought so.

And last, but not least, we wanted the money you spend on our products stay within our borders to help benefit our local communities.

This is why all our apparel is proudly designed and hand made in the USA.

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